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The Group

Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies spa


  • Group Headquarters, Design & Production Company.
  • Based in Brescia, Italy.
  • Product Design & Development.
  • Production Coordination, Assembly, Testing & Quality Control.
  • Technical Support.
  • Spare Parts stock.
  • Worldwide Logistical Distribution


Screen Service America.


  • Sales & Tech Support Company. 
  • Based in Miami, FL, USA.
  • Operations Center for the Americas.
  • Technical Support and Assembly.
  • Spare Parts stock.


Screen Service do Brasil
Company located in Brazil oriented to the production and distribution of technological solutions for the broadcasting market (included ISBD-T-TX).



  • Microwave backbone (over 160 sites). Current business focuses on “interchanging” contents for regional broadcasters and for regional news feed contribution
  • TV licenses in all the Italian regions, Enabling broadcast of own or third party contents/channels
  • Network Planning and Design Equipment Installation, Commissioning and Testing Complete management of Customers technical infrastructure


Skylinks is a newco with a long background of experiencies located in north of Italy focused on High Capacity Microwave Systems. Its product portfolio covers the broadcast needs but also telecom, defense, healthcare and many others.




Screen Service was founded in Brescia in 1988 with the coming together of technical staff, systems experts and sales staff with many years of experience in the telecommunications sector and is now one of Italy's leading producers of television broadcasting equipment.


Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies S.p.A.
Via G. Di Vittorio, 17
25125 BRESCIA, Italy 
TELEFONO: +39. 030.57831
FAX: +39. 030.5783888